Accused of sending ricin to Trump declared her innocence

A suspect in sending a letter containing toxic ricin to us President Donald Trump has declared her innocence. The woman is charged with ” intentionally sending letters or other documents that contain any threat to the life or health of the President, his abduction or causing other serious harm to the head of state.”
According to CBC, the 53-year-old canadian citizen appeared in court for just a few minutes, the judge made a motion for her innocence on behalf of the woman. The next court hearing is scheduled for Monday, RIA Novosti reports.

Pascal Ferrier was arrested on Sunday while trying to enter the United States. The woman was found with a gun and a knife. A day earlier, the FBI reported intercepting a letter containing ricin sent to the White house. The message with the poison was accompanied by a letter in which the sender promised to personally come and use the gun if the poison did not work.

The us court also suspects Ferrier of being involved in sending poison letters intercepted in mid-September to us officials working in prison facilities in Texas