The white house explained the dismissal of an employee who criticized trump

Olivia Troy, a White house employee who was fired last month, performed poorly in her job. This was reported in the us administration.
Troy was an assistant to us Vice President Michael Pence, worked on internal security issues, and was a member of the working group on combating the spread of coronavirus. After the dismissal, the woman said that in the conditions of the pandemic, Donald trump expressed “disregard for human life”, cared more about the economy and thought a lot about the upcoming elections in November.

President Trump speaks about the coronavirus in the White House briefing room Wednesday.

This was denied by another pence aide, Keith Kellogg. “I’ve been to every group meeting. This is an insinuation, an insult to the President and Vice-President, ” he said.

The White house also said that less than two months ago, Troy was proud of her work in the administration. But she constantly complained that she felt exhausted and depressed, arranging calls and meetings. “I fired Olivia because her productivity started to fall,” Kellogg added. His words are quoted by TASS.