Trump announced his desire to fill the vacancy on the us Supreme court as soon as possible.

Donald Trump intends to fill the vacancy on the us Supreme court as soon as possible in connection with the upcoming elections in the country. The us President told reporters at a briefing at the White house before a campaign trip to Pittsburgh.

The current leader of the country explained his actions as “frauds that are arranged by representatives of the Democratic party”. Thus, trump, in fact, admitted that he does not rule out determining the outcome of the upcoming presidential election in the us Supreme court, TASS clarifies.

Donald trump expects to officially announce his nomination to the Supreme court, which must then be approved by the Senate of the US Congress, on the upcoming Saturday, September 26. At the same time, the Democrats demand that the current leader of the country abandon such plans and grant this right to the winner of the November presidential election.

Recall that the question of a new appointment arose due to the fact that on September 18, the oldest member of the us Supreme court, 87-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg, died. Federal judges are appointed for life on the recommendation of the head of state. The court consists of nine members.