Ex-white house adviser: the US is becoming an object of pity in the world

The world increasingly sees the United States as an” object of pity”, and Washington’s position on the world stage is weakening, and this is not the fault of Russia or China. Fiona hill, the former chief white house adviser on Russia, made this statement in an interview with CNN.

According to her, even Washington’s allies are shocked by what is happening in the United States. “We are eating ourselves alive with our differences. We do all this ourselves. They are not Russians, Chinese, or anyone else. We do this to ourselves, ” hill was quoted as saying.

She stressed that the us authority is undermined by what is happening in the country: the inept fight against COVID-19, racial issues, political polarization and “the ideas that we show the world.” Hill expressed the opinion that even the partners no longer believe that the United States has a leading role, and the country itself is so absorbed in its problems that it can do nothing about it.

Earlier, Cuban foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, during a speech at the UN General Assembly, criticized the US policy in the international arena, blaming it for unleashing conflicts around the world. “The irresponsible behavior of the United States poses the greatest threat to peace and international security, “Rodriguez said, accusing the United States of”inciting conflicts, unconventional and trade wars and using unilateral coercive measures.”