The US house of representatives voted in favor of a temporary budget

The house of representatives of the US Congress voted for a temporary budget law that will avoid the shutdown of Federal agencies. The bill was supported by 359 people, 57 opposed.

If the Democrats and Republicans failed to reach an agreement, Federal agencies would have to stop working on the first of October, RIA Novosti writes. Earlier, controversy arose over aid to farmers and the extension of a program launched as part of measures to combat coronavirus, which guarantees free or reduced-price meals to children in schools.

Now the budget law must go to the Senate for a vote. The Federal government’s fiscal year 2020 ends in the United States on September 30.

Earlier it was reported that Democrats and Republicans agreed to allocate eight billion dollars to those who are out of work and who have nothing to feed their children. This was reported by the speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi. “We are also strengthening accountability to prevent the misuse of funds intended for farmers,” the Congress stressed.