Trump announced his readiness to use foreign vaccines in the United States

Us President Donald trump has declared his readiness to use foreign coronavirus vaccines in the country. White house press Secretary Kaylee Mcenany at a briefing quoted the American leader as saying that he just wants to get a vaccine that works. “I don’t care what country she’s from. I’ll take my hat off to them, ” trump said. According to Makinani, three COVID-19 vaccines are currently in the final, third stage of trials in the United States.

Last week, trump announced that the United States may begin distributing the coronavirus vaccine in October, which is contrary to the schedule of the Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC). The politician said that by April, the government will have enough vaccines to ” distribute them to every American.” Robert Redfield, head of the CDC, for his part, noted that the vaccine will be available to the General public only in the spring or summer of 2021 and only in limited quantities. The first to receive it will be “the most needy-medical workers and the elderly”. According to Redfield, vaccination of the entire American population will take about “six to nine months”, and the US will be able to resume “normal life” by the third quarter of next year.

Meanwhile, the U.S. food and drug administration (FDA) is expected to announce tough new standards for registering a coronavirus vaccine this week, making it unlikely that it will be ready for the November 3 election, the Washington Post reports. Instead of simply “giving the green light” to the vaccine, as was previously done in America with convalescent plasma and hydroxychloroquine, the FDA will ask manufacturers to monitor participants in late-stage clinical trials for at least two months after they received the second, final inoculation. This new guidance, experts say, makes mass vaccination in the United States almost unlikely in the very near future.